Trust is Our Currency

Trust is Our Currency: When Pangea customers send money home, they’re not just making a money transfer, they’re making a difference in the lives of their loved ones. Their money goes toward rent, medical bills, phone payments or groceries. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure transfers arrive quickly and securely. Whether you’re sending pesos, dollars, or euros, your trust is the currency we value most.

Welcome to Pangea Connect

Pangea Connect was born out of years of experience providing a world-class B2C remittance product for our customers. As one of the first to envision Remittance-as-a-Service, we’ve extended our vast knowledge to create our B2B Pangea Connect product suite.

Marketing Operations: Pangea Connect can be your dedicated marketing agency, extending its proven marketing formula to help you efficiently acquire and retain customers in the U.S.

Customer Engagement: Features such as remittance requests and promotional pricing optionality provide unique ways to engage customers, enabling anyone from around the world to request money and be rewarded for doing so.

Customer Service: Pangea Connect offers customer service support so that you immediately understand your customer’s needs.

Pangea’s digital-first remittance platform

It can be extended through our API to any third-party app or re-created in a managed White-Label app, enabling unique and powerful brands to offer international money transfer. Pangea Connect provides access to a global disbursement network covering 90 countries, offering both quality and quantity, with major retailer brands and over 100,000 termination outlets. Companies that already provide banking and fintech services are looking to add new products that improve retention, increase competitive advantage and gather new customers through a comprehensive financial product suite. With Pangea Connect, you can harness Pangea’s expertise to offer your customers a premium money transfer experience.

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